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Classic modern David by Michelangelo statue sculptures concrete or gypsum plaster planter holder vase Greek god nordic Rome goddess Roman
Increase the joy and happiness of your home with this powerful but minimalist vase. In addition to decoration, it can also be used as a pen holder, makeup storage brush or artwork.

Height 12 cm
Width 7 cm
Make to order, but I always have few pieces in stock
Custom made in Canada

Every David’s planter is hand poured and sanded smooth.
Each David’s planter is really unique – being made of concrete lends each piece to have slightly different characteristics, created from small air-bubbles and slight variations that make each item perfectly imperfect.

Bulk orders prices for weddings, businesses, parties, gifts, parties.
Production time: 1-14 days.
Self-pickup is possible on the day of order, if the required products are available.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm
Transparent coating

Gloss coating, Matte coating


Art mess, Dots, Eyes, Front & Back, Half Bottom, Half Upper, Lips, Neck, Sides, Sparks, Whole


Gilding Gold, Gilding Silver, Gold paint, King Gold Wax, Old Gold Wax, Silver paint, Silver Wax



The first iViSUDiO was openned in 2019  in Canada


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